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Invest in high yielding energy infrastructure around the world on Plural.

The Financial Operating System for Renewable Energy Developers Removing the layers between investors and assets.

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Anyone can invest as little as $10 at a time in high yield renewable energy infrastructure and technology on Plural.

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Large check investors are invited to join Plural's Allocator Network to access tax credits, renewable energy credits, and access to private deals.

You don't have to lose money investing in the sustainable future


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Clean Energy ETF Return


Clean Energy ETF Yield


Yield on Green Bonds

*Based on 12mo trailing data of ICLN ETF and S&P Green Bond Index as of Nov 30, 2023 sources: iShares and S&P Global

Invest directly in a clean energy future

Invest Directly in Projects

Invest where the returns are: in the projects themselves

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Dealflow of innovative energy technology companies

Rewarding Returns

Investments with yield over 10% annually

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Visibility on key financial & energy production data

100% Compliant

Compliant within existing US financial regulations

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Our team and advisors have deep industry experience

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