Own the clean energy transition

Invest in solar fields, wind farms, and battery storage on Plural. Contribute as little as $10 to fuel the renewable energy transition and get up to 10% in annual returns.

Build. Trade. Earn.

“The fastest and easiest way to invest in the clean energy revolution”

Rewarding returns

Plural investments yield ~10% annually and are crucial to the clean energy transition.

Transparent and Trusted

End to end visibility on key financial and energy data make analyzing energy industry investments easier than ever.

You're in control

Instant settlement and blockchain rails make moving in and out of investments easy.

Compliance is on us

Plural is built to be compliant with existing regulations. Plural handles all the necessary integrations and reporting with regulated entities.

How it works

Build your portfolio

Browse projects in the Plural ecosystem and pick projects to invest in. Invest any amount in each asset and build your Plural Portfolio.


As the renewable projects produce and sell energy, Plural investors profit. Plural assets will generally yield over 8% APY.

Unlock DeFi

Plural assets are EVM compatable and composable across the DeFi ecosystem. Post assets as collateral on participating lending protocols to access leverage.

Who we're working with
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Our Vision

Creating a 100% renewable grid requires trillions of dollars of investment — nothing should stand in the way of deploying capital into a clean energy future. Plural is building the best, fastest, and cheapest financial rails to the renewable energy industry.

Unfortunately, there are many hurdles to financing renewable projects today:

Accessibility: Today, only the wealthiest investors can invest in renewable projects — Plural is changing that. Whether you invest $100,000 or $100 your investment matters on Plural.

Transaction Time: Underwriting investments is a long and arduous process with inaccessible data. Plural makes accessing and analyzing data around energy and financial performance easier than ever.

Liquidity: There is a lot of capital in the renewable industry, but not much liquidity. Plural creates liquid markets to allow for more active investment strategies in renewables.

Plural brings everyone to the table when it comes to financing the most important infrastructure to our clean energy future.